10 Important 2019 SEO Trends You Need to Know


SEO trends 2019

SEO trends keep changing from time to time. Google comes forward with a new set of algorithms for rankings in its search engine every now and then. It is important on the part of webmasters to adhere to these rules for maintaining or improving the SEO rankings of their websites.

Here’s are some trends you need to follow to stay ahead in the SEO race in 2019.

Know what your audience wants and find out more about their intent

Remember that users on the internet run a search on Google with their queries to find the information they want. Alongside taking all the possibilities of their queries into account while choosing your keywords, it is also important to make your content available in the way they want. Choose a way to provide them with access to your content in audio, video or text format, depending on the preferences of your target audience.

Consider using other means apart from Google search

While there is no denying the fact that Google dominates the entire landscape of SEO at present, it is not the only search engine on the internet. Users are also likely to use some other means to get access to their preferred content. For instance, people who look for apps on Apple devices are likely to use iTunes and those who wish to find out more about products they wish to shop are more likely to consider Amazon.

There are other similar sources that have traffic which is comparable to Google in terms of the search features. Identify what other sources your target audience is likely to use other than Google for their queries and include them in the scheme of things in your SEO strategy.

Opt for structured data powered by artificial intelligence

Google has crawlers that help users to move to the most relevant content based on their queries. In this connection, it is important to note that structured data plays a key role. Keeping in mind the surging demand of this feature, think about making it a part of your SEO formula.

Produce exceptional content based on in-depth research and in accordance with Google algorithms

Google algorithms

When it comes to SEO, it goes without saying that Google gives more precedence to quality over quantity. So, you are more likely to get rewards from Google if you follow its algorithmic rules for SEO and create highly researched quality content according to those rules.

Implement E-A-T guidelines and stick with it as far as possible

E-A-T stands for expertise, authority and trustworthiness. This is the secret strategy to win over the favour from Google in terms of SEO rankings. Ensure your content is based on this strategy so you get higher in quality rating guidelines of Google.

Adopt the best techniques relating to SEO

SEO is a vast concept which goes beyond the use of keywords in your written pieces. The technical aspects of SEO such as speed, JavaScript and Progressive Web Apps are likely to play their part in 2019. So, do not forget to include these things in your SEO strategy.

Utilize the on-page optimization as much as you can

Some website optimizations such as answering general questions, easy navigation, a proper response mechanism for queries are likely to get importance in the coming months in this year. So, make a point of including these things in your strategy.

Include voice search in your scheme of things

voice search in seo

Instead of merely focusing on text-based search, think about using it in collaboration with the voice search feature. You will get fruitful rewards from Google for adopting this strategy.

Keep abreast with the latest developments in machine learning

If the indications from Google are anything to go by, machine learning will dominate the landscape of SEO in 2019. Therefore, it is imperative that you focus on this element if you wish to get an edge over your competitors.

Optimize your content for Google SERP features

The optimization of a website goes hand in hand with the optimization of the Google search feature. Together, they make for a winning SEO combination. So, do all that it takes to collaborate both the features while formulating your SEO strategy for 2019 and beyond.

So, there you go – adopt these simple SEO rules and you will never have to worry about falling behind your competitors in the SEO marathon in 2019. If you are still not enough confident to practice these techniques, you can also get help from the experts. There are several SEO training Amritsar centers are available that you can consider for your help. 

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